Choosing a Wine Cooler

The wine cooler company have coolers in all shapes and sizes, from small under-cabinet models to large units that over a hundred bottles.  For the novice wine collector, deciding which type of wine cooler to buy can be a daunting experience.  Here are some features to consider when selecting a wine cooler.


Size is an important feature to help you start your wine collection. It is suggested buying a larger wine cooler than you think you will need.  This will “fulfill the goal of keeping a collection that is big enough to be enjoyed by the collector or to be used for purposes of entertaining.” Bottle capacities shown refer to standard 75 cl. Bordeaux shape bottles. Storing larger or different shape bottles may reduce the bottle capacity stated.

Quality and Features

As you would expect, a basic wine cooler models will store your wine at the proper temperature and relative humidity.  Higher quality units offer separate cooling zones for tempering and storing of whites and red wines. Other high-end features that Wine Cooler company offer include pull-out shelving for different-sized wine bottles, UV-protected glass and digital temperature control panels.